Trisha's Massage

Hi Guys I had had a really stressful week and really needed to unwind so I went to a massage parlour my Friend had recommended and she did say I might get a lot more than a massage if that was what I was looking for, well you know me Im always up for some fun, and so was my masseuse Teezer. After massaging my body Teezer removed my knickers and got to work on my pussy and it was soon well oiled, I then turned over and we rubbed oil into each others tits before sucking on each others nipples, Teezer then once again turned her attention to my pussy and licked my clit which felt so good. Teezer invited me over on to the bed to play and we were soon hard at it I started sucking on her nipples before fingering and licking her juicy pussy, I was really getting her aroused and spread her pussy wide and rubbed her clit until she reached orgasm. Time to give Teezer a good Fucking so I put on my strap-on and started pounding away on her wet cunt as she rubbed her clit, after reaching a climax I turned her over and fucked her doggy, then It was my turn and she slapped my arse as she too fucked me Doggy then lay on her back and I rode her cowgirl until I reached a climax. Trisha xxx
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