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Fun With Razman 04/18/2016
Trisha & Razman in some naughty Playtime

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Long Description:I had been waiting for my friend Razman to call round and he eventually arrived so we wasted no time in getting acquainted and he was soon between my legs sucking my pussy before I stripped him off and sucked him hard so he could give me a good Fucking before shooting his full load deep in my mouth. Trisha xxx
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/raz_2/raz_2.mp4
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/raz_2/raz_2.jpg
Duration: 3:04
Tags: Stripping, pussy licking, blowjob, fucking, cim,

Fun with Lily May 04/16/2016
Vibrator and Squirting Fun from Lily May & Claire

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Long Description:This is my First meeting with Lily May and I started sucking on her wet Pussy before she got to work on me with my Pink Dildo and Squirted all over the place, I got to work on Lily with her Blue Spiral Twist vibrator and, it didn't take long for her to reach Orgasm and as she climaxed she Squirted everywhere.
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/squirt_3/squirt_3.mp4
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/squirt_3/squirt_3.jpg
Duration: 3:04
Tags: squirt, claire, lily may, vibrator, orgasm, milf


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Long Description:
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2015/JAN/ddv_dungeon_1/ddv_dungeon_1.flv
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2015/JAN/ddv_dungeon_1/ddv_dungeon_1.jpg
Duration: 0:00

Rings 04/13/2016
Description for the rings video

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Long Description:
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/trishasfriends/rings_3/rings_3.mp4
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/trishasfriends/rings_3/rings_3.jpg
Duration: 2:10
Tags: blowjob, threesome,rings

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