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Fun with Lily May 04/16/2016
Vibrator and Squirting Fun from Lily May & Claire

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Long Description:This is my First meeting with Lily May and I started sucking on her wet Pussy before she got to work on me with my Pink Dildo and Squirted all over the place, I got to work on Lily with her Blue Spiral Twist vibrator and, it didn't take long for her to reach Orgasm and as she climaxed she Squirted everywhere.
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/squirt_3/squirt_3.mp4
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2016/APL/squirt_3/squirt_3.jpg
Duration: 3:04
Tags: squirt, claire, lily may, vibrator, orgasm, milf


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Long Description:
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2015/JAN/ddv_dungeon_1/ddv_dungeon_1.flv
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/dirtydoctorsvideos/2015/JAN/ddv_dungeon_1/ddv_dungeon_1.jpg
Duration: 0:00

Rings 04/13/2016
Description for the rings video

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Long Description:
Video Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/trishasfriends/rings_3/rings_3.mp4
Image Url:http://www.dinodollars.com/tools/videos/content/trishasfriends/rings_3/rings_3.jpg
Duration: 2:10
Tags: blowjob, threesome,rings

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